Monday, January 26, 2009

New York State Archaeological Association email list

NYSAA-list.  This list has been developed to replace the former listerserve that Bart had run for years.  Due to his inability to maintain the list any longer, there had been a lapse in this important communication tool for the membership.  With the establishment of this new list, we hope to re-open those lines of communications.

This list is open to members of the NYSAA and others that apply and are approved.  To  join this group you must demonstrate a strong interest in New York State Archaeology and the issues that concerns the NYSAA.

This group is provided as a free service at Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use email group service. Please take a moment to review this message.  IN addition to serving as a listserve, this service also provides a webpage where members can post and exchange images, files, and links to other sites.  Additionally the service provides chat room capabilities where multiple members can create live time discussions.  To access these additional services you will need to create a Yahoo name (or use one you may already have).  While accessing this webpage is not necessary to be a part of the e-mail list, it does provide additional tools that some of you may find useful.

To learn more about the NYSAA-list group, please visit

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