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Julian Adams, Certified Local Government Coordinator to speak in Chester January 18th

Following the Chester Historical Society's Annual Meeting and Election of 2009 Officers at the 1915 Erie Station in Historical in downtown Chester at about 2:30 pm on Sunday, January 18th, 2009, the public is invited to hear:
Julian Adams,
Community Liaison and Certified Local Government Coordinator for the New York State Historic Preservation Office, speaking in Chester on the Certified Local Government Program.

 Julian's talk may interest IOCCNYSAA members because an integral part of the Certified Local Government Program are local protections for cultural assets which would include archaeological sites.

Historic Preservation has long roots in American History, although many seem to think it is a modern idea. Learn where the historic preservation movement began in the United States, how it developed philosophically and in practice, and what local communities and citizens can do to be a part of maintaining their character and sense of place. Downtown and Uptown Chester and Sugar Loaf are places that have character which have survived but are threatened!

This program helps to sustainably maintain the unique character of a community while opening up various support and funding resources to both the involved municipalities and property owners.

Link to more Certified Local Government Program info:

Julian’s Bio:
Julian Adams is the Community Liaison and Certified Local Government Coordinator for the New York State Historic Preservation Office. A native of Georgia, he holds a Masters of Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia at Athens. After a brief time in private consulting, he took a job in the Technical Services Unit of the SHPO in 1988, overseeing rehabilitations and restorations across New York State under federal and state programs. During a sabbatical from the SHPO in 1995-1996, he worked with the Historic Natchez Foundation in Natchez Mississippi, overseeing low income housing development in historic neighborhoods, working with the local preservation commission and planning department, and assisting in heritage education. In 2000 he was named head of the Technical Services Unit, overseeing all rehabilitations and restorations across New York State, a position he held until 2004. In 2005 he took a position as Sr. Architectural Historian/Historic Preservation Specialist with a nation-wide environmental consulting firm out of Dallas, Texas, where he traveled around the US working with military bases in their responsibilities to identify historic resources under Federal Historic Preservation law. He returned to state service in 2006 as Community Liaison and Certified Local Government Coordinator, assisting communities and municipalities across New York State with their preservation issues.

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